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It's my declaration to anyone who's listening /o/
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sharing comm

con fec tio nare
Where we eat british chips, and not french fries!

Hi, and welcome to confectionaire! This is a media sharing comm started by unthought, cakefrost & starpins! Here you can find music (mainly), doujinshi scans, FST's and various other things. We're usually very lax about things here, but we have a few rules we'd like you to follow (:


1. Posts are MEMBERS ONLY. Please join if you'd like to see what we share!
2. We'll keep posts public for 24 hours, but that's it.
3. Please comment if taking anything, thank you!
4. No wank/hate. Mean comments will be baleeted. ):
5. Please don't redistribute links! Don't hotlink either, thanks.
6. We will only be uploading to other sites if the link is dead, or if there's a problem.

Oh and you should know, the RIAA says that all downloaded music must be deleted within 24 hours. We exist so you can listen to them first, instead of wasting hard earned money on something you might not like. We do buy their CD's to support the artists. Please do the same.
And no copyright is intended.

Contact one of the mods; Adolf Oliver Bush Heywood Jablomie Mike Ockenballz Hugh G. Reckshun


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Comment here if you want in!